Spring 2017 Registration is Open –


Registration is open from February 13th until March 19th Please click on our “Registration” link above to register.  There will be 8 games this season and our Training sessions will continued to be overseen by the professional training organization.


(Please Note that if you registered and played in the Fall 2016 season, then you do not have to register again.)


The Lindenhurst Soccer Club Board of Directors is pleased to announce our support of Shawn Cullinane for the NY State Assembly. As Clerk-Treasurer of the Village of Lindenhurst, Shawn has been a great supporter and good friend to our soccer club as well as the many other youth organizations of Lindenhurst. As a NY State Assemblyman, we know Shawn will continue to support our town and soccer club as he has in the past. Please join us in supporting Shawn on election day. A vote for Shawn is a vote for Lindenhurst!













Congratulations to the GU12 United on winning their Division Title with a perfect 9-0 record!



Congratulations to the BU12 Bulldogs on winning the Premier Division Title with a perfect 10-0 record!



Congratulations to the BU11 Green Devils on winning the LI Cup for the 2nd consecutive year!

LI Cup Champs BU11 Green Devils

The boys also won their League Title with an unbeaten 8-0-1 mark!


Congratulations to the GU9 Strikers and Coaches on winning the NYCSL State Cup Championship this weekend!





Important Club Announcements:


Travel Teams:

Letters of Intent have been submitted by the following Club members.  This slate was approved at our Open Board Meeting on Thursday 5/19 at 8pm at the Rainbow Center.  All positions will take effect at the conclusion of the Spring 2016 Season. (Bold Italic Underlined = late submission.  Will be voted on at Open Board Meeting Monday, June 6th at 8pm)


Girls Boys
GU19 – 1998: Bobbie Mangine BU19 – 1998: Mike Dorso
GU18 – 1999: Joe Riemma BU18 – 1999: Gerard Sherlock
GU17 – 2000: Bobbie Mangine BU15 – 2002: Rob Monahan
GU15 – 2002: Brian McEntee BU14 – 2003: Greg Star
GU14 – 2003: Lyle Savinetti BU14 Developmental Team-2003: Frank Dattalo
GU14 Developmental Team-2003 (Open) BU13 – 2004: Paul Gordon
GU13 – 2004: Brian McEntee BU13 Developmental Team – 2004: Christine DePetris
GU12 – 2005: Mauricio Martinez BU12 – 2005: Jim Shotter
GU11 – 2006: Anna Star BU12 Developmental Team- 2005: Rich Waskewicz
GU11 Developmental Team-2006: Bobbie Mangine BU11 – 2006: Rafal Chodon
GU10 – GU10 Eli Stavrinadis  BU10 – 2007: Paul Gordon

LJSSL Board Positions:

Letters of Intent have been submitted by the following Club members.  This slate will be voted upon at our Open Board Meeting on Thursday 5/19 at 8pm at the Rainbow Center.  All positions will begin July 1st, 2016.

President: Gerard Sherlock

1st Vice President: Paul Gordon

2nd Vice President: Greg Star

Director of Referees: Jim Shotter

Director of Fields/Equipment: Adam Brown

SSI Director: Paul Thompson

Intramural Director U7-U9: Anthony Tota

Intramural Director Little Dawgs-U6: Rafal Chodon

Indoor Field House Director: Stephanie Shotter

Director of Communications: Dawn Ackerly

The following positions will be Vacant: Travel Team Director, Director of Coaches, Secretary & Treasurer.   All those interested in any of these positions should send an email to: LJSSLBoard@lindenhurstsoccer.org