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Below is a collection of Information for Travel and Intramural Coaches.



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Application to be a volunteer Travel Coach:

Mandatory Coaching Course **NEW for Fall 2023**:

TRAVEL Team Management

LIJSL Forms:

The forms on this page have the answers to many of the questions travel coaches may have. rules, game dates, ref fees, add/drop forms, its all there.

Travel Coaches: How to prepare for GAME DAY:

The week before the match:

  1. Referee Fees - Make sure you have the exact amount of cash in an envelope to hand to the referee. 3 envelopes are required for 11v11 games.
  2. Match Card / Rosters - you will need to print 2 copies of the photo match card
  3. Visiting team should contact the home team to confirm the game location, time, and uniform colors. This can be done in gotsport  and should be done no later than Wednesday before the match.
  4. Verify you have enough players attending. To play a match you need at least 2 less than the number on the field. (ex 7v7 needs 5 to play). Less than the minimum will be a forfeit

Day of the match:

  1. Have your team arrive at least 30 min before the start of the match.
  2. Have your paperwork and ref fees ready to go - start out on a good page with the ref!
  3. Home team should verify the field and goals are in good shape
  4. Home team provides a game day ball
  5. Subs are unlimited and are made from midfield with the referees permission

After the match:

  1. The home team records the score in gotsport

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