About us

Building Children, Character and Commitment Through Soccer

Our league began in 1972 as a vision of two men, John Kennedy and Anthony Byrne. Their goal was to create a league for the youth of the entire community.

Today their goal still lives on. Even though many years have passed since Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Byrne started our league, we are still developing.

We have over 900 families within Lindenhurst and our surrounding communities that participate in our league.

Our league is comprised of local members of our communities. Our coaches and board members are all volunteers who take time out of their busy schedules to help promote soccer in Lindenhurst. There are many members who played for the league in their youth. They have now come back to volunteer their services for the “new” youth of Lindenhurst and also as a way to memorialize the efforts of Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Byrne in the hope of making a difference in a child’s life.

We offer a wide variety of programs for ages 3 – 18 in different levels of play. We start with our Little Dawgs program for our 3 year olds; our Intramural Program is for ages 5 – 9;  and our Travel Program is for ages 8 – 18.

Our club motto is “Building Children, Character and Commitment Through Soccer” and all the volunteers of our league keep this in the forefront of our programs and all of our decisions.